Elevate your golf game with our exclusive Titleist ProV1 golf balls, featuring Spot. Each ball in this premium sleeve of three is adorned with an image of the remarkable Spot robot. Known for its stability and
responsiveness - much like the ProV1 itself - Spot adds a playful yet sophisticated element to your golf gear.
·  Mid Flight Trajectory
·  Maximum Short Game Spin
·  Soft Feel
Inside The Engine
Improved performance starts on the inside with a new high gradient core that acts as a central engine for high speed and lower long game spin.
Amplified Speed. Very Low Long Game Spin.
The high-flex casing layer adds speed and delivers very low long game spin on full shots.
Unrivaled Drop-and-Stop™ Control
The soft cast urethane cover completes the total performance of Pro V1, delivering excellent greenside spin to help golfers shoot lower scores.
Penetrating, Consistent Flight
A spherically-tiled 388 tetrahedral dimple design delivers a penetrating and consistent flight.
Pro V1 is the best ball for players seeking very low long game spin, more distance, penetrating and consistent flight, and Drop-and-Stop greenside control, all of which complements Pro V1’s very soft feel.

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